Microbiology was an epic class.

One of my favorite places to spend some time. I love being in Central Park. It’s like a paradise for everyone that is surrounded by a large city. On this 75 degree day we took a walk around the park and then decided to sit down to watch a softball game. This whole hanging …

Finally, some action from the garden..


Just before summer started, I cornered off an area of my backyard to start a new vegetable garden. This was an area where I had to do something since we intersect with two other yards both of which have dogs. My dogs would go ballistic trying to dig under my new fence to get to […]

Enjoying the The Washington Countryside

One thing that I love to do when I travel is investigate and learn about where I am visiting. Getting lost can help you learn about a part of the country and so can taking public transportation. On this occasion, we had rented a car and used our smartphones to help us tour the area. […]

Today was beauty day….

What is it about schnauzer beards? They are always full of ‘stuff’. My schnauzer when I was growing up always had spaghetti sauce and gum in her beard. My schnauzer now has I don’t know what in her beard. Today was beauty day…. Her long fur was shaved just in time for a muggy heat […]