12 Horror Movies That Deserve a Spinoff

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The frightening, demonic doll introduced in 2013’s ‘The Conjuring’ gets her own movie, ‘Annabelle,’ in theaters October 3. Instead of going the usual route and following up on ‘The Conjuring’s’ success with a direct sequel, the filmmakers are going the prequel and origin story route with this spinoff. With ‘Annabelle’ set to make us sleep […]

Still are.

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1. What is your zodiac sign? sag 2. What is your favorite color? blue 3. What’s your lucky number? Depends on how much I need to lose. 4. What talents do you have? Touch the tip of my nose with my tongue 5. Are you psychic in any way? Totally. I bet you’re gonna ask […]

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This is so me.. Saw this posted somewhere Saturday 9: A Day in the Life (1967) Unfamiliar with this week’s tune? Hear it here. 1) According to Rolling Stone, this is the greatest Beatle song of all. What’s your favorite Beatle song? How can you choose your favorite? There are so many good ones… 2) […]

#Coupons for Pet Items

Check out this guy.. Animal Planet Sherpa Pet BlanketAnimal Planet Sherpa Pet Blanket In case you are interested… When owners spread this soft blanket on the couch or in the car, they invite their pets to take a cozy nap while protecting upholstery from pet hairs. The blanket’s muted shades—a brown exterior and sherpa-style lining—conceal […]