you can never have too many handbags and mascara


Got this in an email. It is really amazing! Friday 5: Bonus Questions What’s your favorite frozen treat on a stick? Popsicle What’s your favorite lollipop? I don’t do lollipops When you passed notes during class in high school, who was mostly often the recipient? Are you kidding me? Do you understand how long ago […]

Back in college when it was the cool thing to do.

Cherry Blossoms

It’s a sure sign of spring when the cherry blossoms bloom… From the Department of Interior: Saturday 9: I’ll Be There for You (1995) 1) This song begins with, “So no one told you life was gonna be this way …” What do you wish you knew five years ago about your life now? That […]

Watch that Dog’s Body Language

girl with dog

There are some people out there who put a lot of focus on the body language of others. A lot of the time, it can be your body language that can give you away. The same goes for dogs. You can tell a lot about what is going through a dog’s mind by checking out […]

You should see the toast.

Image Description: An original Kodak camera from 1888.

This is cool…   This Original Kodak camera, introduced by George Eastman, placed the power of photography in the hands of anyone who could press a button. Unlike earlier cameras that used a glass-plate negative for each exposure, the Kodak came preloaded with a 100-exposure roll of flexible film. After finishing the roll, the consumer […]