I’m ready for the Biggest Loser to return and for Wife Swap to finally come back. Anyone agree???

Is it seriously Saturday already????
Is February almost over????

I must say that I am grateful that we have lost most of the snow. I am feeling for those people on the east coast since we have so been there.

Okay so one of my biggest questions to people is what ever happened to these people and why are they not in jail?

Apparently, I am not the only one asking this question.
White House social secretary Desiree Rogers is stepping down three months after the couple crashed the Obama administration’s first state dinner. She was heavily criticized for her role in allowing the embarrassing episode to happen. And, do I really have to endure these people for another Real Housewives?? Please say no.

So, why aren’t they in jail?

Quick Question?

A killer whale peers through a window at an underwater viewing area of SeaWorld

How do you feel about this?

Should all whales be freed or should they be in ‘captivity’ to educate and familiarize people with the species?


Strike me down with lightening….

I’m kinda tired of the winter Olympics and I’m ready for the Biggest Loser to return and for Wife Swap to finally come back. Anyone agree???


Now for the juice.

Saturday 9: Should I Stay or Should I Go

1. Have you ever been on a date and you had to tell the person to just go away?

It’s been so long I have no idea!

2. Do you wish you were someplace else right now? If yes, where?

Playing Wii bowling…I’m gonna hurry with this.

3. Do you have any pet peeves?

Stupid, greedy, ignorant, racist, hater, self-centered and ego-centric bumble brained folks. (did I miss anyone?). People who don’t fully understand The American Staffordshire Terrier may need some re-education. Oh, and Michael Vick.

4. Tell us about a guilty pleasure of yours.

Peanuts in the shell have temporarily replaced margaritas.

5. If you could change places and become a celebrity, who would you’d like to be?

Ya know…maybe Liz Taylor. She’s had great hubbies and big diamonds.

6. What do you consider your biggest talent?

Meme answers.

7. Do you have a favorite actor/actress that is not a big star, yet they are your favorite?

‘Milton’ from Office Space maybe. He’s been in a ton of stuff.

8. Name your five favorite rock bands of all time.

Floyd, Zeppelin, Sheryl Crow, Beatles, and Stones

9. If you were to start a new relationship (for whatever reason), how much of your sexual history would you share? Would you resort to lying?

It’ s kinda obvious that I’ve had sex cause I’ve got kids. Maybe I can become a born-again virgin though.



6 famous people you would love to have dinner with

Abe Lincoln, Eleanor Roosevelt, John Lennon and the Three Stooges.

Sunday Mayhem? Monday Stealing? What the heck? I’m so confused….



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  1. says

    I don’t get why you think they should be in jail. Wasn’t their fault they were let in LOL. Good for them. I heard on the news today that Desiree decided herself to leave. The White House says she did an excellent job. pfffft

    The Whales: I’m not for any captivity like that. But it makes companies money so it’s never going to end. Sad. At least they aren’t putting that whale down. But the show must go on…I think it’s starting up tomorrow with no trainers being able to get in the water with them. Good old Greenback. Greedy turds.

    ACK…are you ill…peanuts replacing Margrita’s…pffft. I didn’t do this Saturday 9. No time today :)

  2. says

    Thanks again for stopping by — I love “Milton”, too! And I am missing The Greatest Loser, as well, though I have loved the Olympics.

  3. says

    Great band choices, and now that I think about it there’s a few others I could have used. Oh well, it’s only top five. I’d probably have a super long post if there was no limit. ^_~

  4. says

    Meme answers is a great talent to have! Your responses are always right on. You never fail to make me laugh. But how could anything replace margaritas?

  5. says

    Great post. I, too, am ready to get back to our regular lives. I am more than a little hacked off about how late they scheduled all the big-audience events. I missed all the ice skating, all of it.

    Regarding the whales. I don’t think the whale is to blame here and don’t think it should be destroyed. It probably cannot be released anymore, either. Perhaps they should stop exploiting the poor things and just clean up the mess they’ve made by caring for them for the remainder of their lives — for no profit.

    Good meme answers. I kinda crapped out on a few of mine . . . now I’m ashamed.

  6. says

    Why are there quotation marks around the word captivity in this sentence: Should all whales be freed or should they be in ‘captivity’ to educate and familiarize people with the species?
    Is there something about confining whales to small enclosed areas that doesn’t seem like captivity to you? I don’t get that.
    .-= Francis´s last blog ..Chef Knife Sets =-.

  7. says

    Of course all whales should not be kept captive, and be aloud to be free. How is that even a question that you ask? And especially with your choice of quotation mark, your statement sickens me.
    .-= Francis´s last blog ..Chef Knife Sets =-.