How smart are you? Wanna try my IQ test?

How smart are you??

We all get these things sent to us in emails. Do you you ever wonder how accurate they are?

Read out loud the text inside the triangle below.

What do you see?

You probably read the word ME in brown, but…
when you look through ME you will see YOU !

You may not see it at first, but the white spaces read the word optical,
the blue landscape reads the word illusion.
Look again!
Can you see why this painting is called an optical illusion?


Rotating Dot Whirlpool

Try staring at this for more than 5 seconds without going crazy. Then try following it around! Curves constantly die out and then re-evolve as part of another curve.

Rotating Dot Whirlpool


Sphere Size Illusion

A visual illusion of two spheres. Does one appear to be larger than the other? Both of the spheres are the same size.


What do you see here?

This one is quite tricky!
The word TEACH reflects as LEARN.



Count every ‘ F ‘ in the following text:



6 — no joke.
Really, go back and try to find the 6 F’s before you scroll down.

The reasoning behind is further down.

The brain cannot process ‘OF’.

Incredible or what? Go back and look again!!
Anyone who counts all 6 ‘F’s’ on the first go is a genius.

Three is normal, four is quite rare.

My favorite.

The dancing girl is going which direction?

(hopefully, your browser is allowing you to view her)

Look at the spinning woman and if she is turning right your right side of your brain is working.
If she is turning left your left side of your brain is working.
If she turns both ways for you then you have a 160 or better IQ. (I didn’t write this…)



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  1. says

    Harriet ~ Hi ~ you stopped over at my blog today to read my Post Its!
    Nice to meet you. You have so many blogs I wasn’t sure which one to follow but I chose this one. You must be a very busy girl! This post was so much fun. How cool is it that you see the girl twirling right and then read the next sentance that says left and she turns left. I had seen a few of these before and they are so much fun. My normal person isn’t selling GS cookies anymore and I look forward to the tradition each year so I decided to do some searching and got them. Hooray for me! Enjoy the rest of your week. Debby
    .-= Debby Pucci´s last blog ..SO WHAT DID YOU DO LAST MONDAY? =-.

  2. says

    I saw the word “joy” in the Me and You photo. Look again by reading it from bottom to top. Does that mean I hope “you” have “joy” in your life? Or is there “joy” within in me?

    And I thought the woman was spinning in a clockwise direction. How brilliant am I? 😉

    Happy WW! :-)
    .-= Run DMT´s last blog ..Happy St. Patrick’s Day! =-.

  3. says

    that spinning girl freaked me out because it was going left at first then I read your text and it was like she jumped and started going the other way… then turned back the the left again… I want to take an IQ test!

  4. says

    The dancing girl is quite fascinating. While reading your post I could see her change direction and then just turn back and forth; however if I was looking directly at her, she only spun in one direction. As soon as I looked away and looked back, she changed direction. I have not had an IQ test since high school when it was figured at 140 so maybe I’ve gotten smarter? Hahaha.
    .-= dkzody´s last blog ..Where do I get my fix? =-.

  5. says

    Hmm I saw YOU first…. Got all the Fs (but I didn’t READ the text I followed the Fs)…. Some I had seen already… and the girl dances both ways for me but once she goes one way it takes a second for her to flip… I am so not a Genius but I do look at things differently..

  6. says

    WHere did you find this stuff. I found 6 F’s on the first count and Saw all the words above my girl turns left and one time i swore I saw right. That was weird