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    Thank you for visiting my blog yesterday! I hope you enjoyed your visit! I am now your newest follower!
    I’ve never been to Montreal which is sad because I live in NH and I could get there without much trouble! The botanical garden is one place I’ve got to see soon!

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    Those are awesome! I actually drove past a place not too far from my home that was selling bushes that were shaped in to things. Very fun.

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    Wow! Those are some cool pictures—wonder how they were able to grow dolphins that way? ; )

    Thanks for stopping by this morning!

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    Thank you for sharing those gorgeous photos :) Reminds me of my first trip to Montreal with TechyDad. Have not been there in a while. Need to get passports so we can bring the kids one day.

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    Those are amazing and you could have totally taken the credit! LOL!! Nah… Thanks for linking up!! Happy WW!

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    Fantastic photos. I wanted to go back to Canada for a visit. But now you need a passport. What a hassel.

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    What beautiful photos. I’d love to visit there. I’m not a gardener myself but enjoy looking at other people’s work, especially when it’s that creative.