If someone gave you a free trip to BlogHer would you go?

I just read that Casey Anthony wants (well over) over a million dollars for an interview. Why would someone want to interview her. She’s a known liar and her innocence is in reasonable doubt for 2/3rds of Americans. Just who are your advertisers going to be to justify the expense of this interview?  It would be kind of fun to let Nancy Grace get a bite at it…….



Are you going to BlogHer?

Would you want to go to BlogHer if you could?

If someone gave you a free trip to BlogHer would you go?

Me? I’ll be there. It’s my first and I’m bringing  my daughter .





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    Don’t get me wrong. I think she’s somewhat guilty but… If the media decided to use me as their story of the day and eff up my life, I’d demand at least $500k for an interview from them too.

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    I would love to go to BlogHer if I had a friend to go along with me. I’ve never been and would be a little intimidated going the first time. Maybe someday….

    Happy Friday!

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    Don’t know enough about BlogHer so not sure if I would want to go or not.
    And as far as Casey Anthony..The only way I would watch anything with her is if she was hooked up to a polygraph machine. I would rather see an interview with her parents/brother.

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    I wish I could afford to go. I’d be so on it!
    I remember asking dh if I could go. He said we’d thinking about it if we had the $$. Now I’m going in another direction completely! Sigh.

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    I so wanted to go but couldn’t find a sponsor. I definitely would go if someone paid my way…that would be so cool. I would want to have lots of time to plan though! :) I am not so good without planning time.

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    If someone gave me a free trip to BlogHer, I would definitely go! And I would also interview Casey Anthony, or anyone, for that matter, for the right amount of money.