Screaming Kids..aahhh….

I just read this article about restaurants banning kids because they were crying. Apparently, people complained that it disturbed their dining.

This takes me back a bunch of years when we were in Florida at a Denny’s (or something similar) with my parents and my brother and his kids. There were a total of 5 kids and 6 adults. Kids were being kids, doing kid stuff, nothing unusual or ultra loud for a large table, and a waiter came over and asked us to keep it down or leave because a couple who just sat down complained. hhmmm…..

First of all…this waiter is ticking off a table of 11 on behalf of a table of 2 (who were just seated). Dumb move $$.
Then, on behalf of a national chain, which provides coloring books, a kiddie menu etc, he is attempting to kick out families.
And, there were plenty of tables for two located on the other side of the restaurant for the happy couple to move to.

While I am now (since my kids are grown) less tolerant of screaming out of control kids running around TJMaxx, I would NEVER complain to staff and insist they do something about it. If there were rowdy kids that were so poorly behaved in a restaurant I’d either ask for a new table or get out of there.

Aloha people, what are your feelings on kids in restaurants/public places?
Has this ever happened to you (been asked to leave?)?



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  1. says

    I think if you’re kids are screaming in a public restaurant, you should take them outside for a few minutes and try and get them under control. That’s what we did if our kids were acting up. It’s just common courtesy to the other patrons. We were once in a casual family restaurant and there was a boy (about 5-6) running wild and being loud. He actually ran over to us and climbed under our table, all the while laughing loudly and ignoring his parents. They didn’t seem too concerned and it was very awkward because he kept playing and running all around and under our table.

  2. says

    This seems to be happening more and more at restaurants. A few months ago there was a lot in the news about places banning kids at locations all together. I have two young children. My husband and I do our best to make sure our boys are well behaved and respectful of other people. IF my child was screaming and crying – I would leave the restaurant. Hubby and I would take turns eating, or get our things to go. It is not fair for us to ruin a meal for others.

  3. says

    I, too am less tolerant now that I’m older, but would never ever say anything. I know that sometimes you just can’t stop the screaming, and shouldn’t give in to what they want just because you’re in a public place. I do just wish that, in general, parents would pay more attention to their kids and not let them run around uncontrolled.

  4. says

    I’m not one to complain about rowdy kids anywhere…by the same token, I always make sure my kids are quiet and polite. Princess Nagger has always been a quiet one out in public – Little Dude is a bit of a challenge, but he’s learning (and we won’t take him to restaurants that don’t accommodate kids…but we also keep a tight rein on his behavior in *any* public setting since he’s not one to stay still for more than 30 seconds, and is getting better at using his ‘inside voice’ even here at home.) :)

  5. says

    Well, as a mom of 2 small children, I have to say I’ve been in the position of the embarrassed parent whose kids were being a little too loud. I do my best to keep them from bothering other people, but I think peoples’ tolerance may vary depending on where we are. If we’re at a family restaurant, I would hope that people would be a little more patient with us… and I would probably never take them to a place that wasn’t child friendly. That’s just setting unrealistic expectations for them.

    (I’m new to your blog! Happy Friday!)

  6. says

    Since I do at home childcare I think that I am pretty tolerable of children but I have been in restaurants where I could not stand the kids or their behavior. I have also been in a Denny’s (funny you mentioned that) where a set of Grandparents had their granddaughter in there and the Grandmother was just pestering the Granddaughter until she had her bawling and screaming at the top of her lungs. Finally, after they ordered their meal and before they received it the Grandfather stood up and said, “I am not disrupting everyone because of her screaming any longer.” He got the bill from the waitress, paid it and left the tip and walked out without his food. Now, the worse part was, was it really necessary for the Grandmother to take the hat and coat from the 3/4 year old and make her scream? She wanted to wear her fuzzy hat in the restaurant and Grandma thought is was “stupid”. Serioulsy? Give the kid her fuzzy hat and let it be for crying out loud. Some people just don’t choose their battles wisely.

  7. says

    Never happened to me & never got asked to leave. When my kids were little we went out often. You see they new “THE LOOK”! lol Have a great weekend.

  8. says

    As unpopular as this answer might be, I feel if kids are screaming and out of control in a restaurant one or both parents should take it outside and either leave or reason with the child. That’s how we handle our 5 year old and we have no problems with her when we eat out. Personally, if I’m paying for the experience of eating out, I don’t want to hear screaming kids. Being prepared really helps. I make sure we have markers and paper with us or a favorite book to keep her occupied while we wait for food. Works pretty good for us and I think it would work for other parents who may not be prepared to entertain their kids when they dine out.

    Happy Friday (great question by the way!)

  9. says

    I wouldn’t allow my kids to be in a public place screaming out of control unless they are hurt.

    I don’t understand this behaviour being allowed by parents when I see it but I wouldn’t complain to a manager to do something about it.

    My kids behave ok in public. I’m the parent. they learn.


  10. says

    I’m with you, I wouldn’t complain to the waiter about someone else’s kids, it would have to be pretty horrendous for that to happen, but I might ask to move, or just leave. I’ve never been complained about before, and I’ve been in a restaurant with a screaming infant a time or two. My friend and I had small babies at the same time, with husbands who worked odd hours or were gone for work, so we went out a lot together. We would take turns taking whoever’s baby was crying outside to try and calm them down, while the other one got to eat.

  11. says

    I think that if you’re going to eat in a family-friendly restaurant than you have to expect there are going to be kids there. I think the couple should have moved to another table.

  12. says

    I have no problem with kids in restaurants and public places. I’m a mom to 4 kids and we try to teach our kids to behave in public places. I also know sometimes kids have off days and don’t want/can’t behave. Our son(4) has texture/sensory issues and sometimes being in public places can make it hard for him to sit still. I remind myself of that whenever I see loud/misbehaving kids that maybe they also have issues and it’s not bad parenting.

  13. says

    Screaming kids in a movie bothers the heck outta me. My mom will say something to them, but it’s embarrassing when she does that, so I will just give them dirty looks if they don’t get up. LOL Yeah. That doesn’t solve anything. LOL It’s to be expected in family-friendly restaurants. If I’m in a store and the kids are terrible, I just leave.