Dogs and I’d end it there

This week’s questions come from Academic Cog and she wrote the questions herself because she hadn’t seen a summer meme in a long time.

1.) What first tells you that Summer is here?
The sounds of bugs and bullfrogs at dawn

2.) Name your five of your favorite distinctively Summer habits or customs.
Driving around with the windows and sunroof open, dogs swimming, sunlight in the morning, flowers, veggies in the garden

3.) What is your favorite smell of Summer?
flowering bushes/weeds/flowers

4.) What is your favorite taste of Summer?
frozen treats

5.) Favorite Summer memory?
punks on the 4th of July as a kid

6.) Extreme heat or extreme cold? Which would you choose and why? heat cause there is no ice on the ground.

7.) What books do you plan to read for the season?
Probably some cookbooks, not of the PD variety at the moment.

8.) What is your favorite part of summer?
Before the kids get out of school and when they go back

9.) What’s your favorite quintessentially summer food? Least favorite?
tomatoes from the garden and least is burnt aything

10.) Best beverage to beat the summer heat:
durrrrr…frozen margaritas

11.) Least favorite/most annoying thing related to summer?
too many screaming kids when I least care to see them

12.) Pick one: the lake /the beach.
beach, actually, pool trumps that one

13.) Most amusing summer vacation trip you’ve ever taken?
Amusing? Vaca’s can be that? Okay, when I was little, my brother and sister got into a huge fight and she wound up pouring syrup all over him and walking back to the hotel. You know they are still fighting to this day…

14.) Most ridiculous/cringe-inducing/blush-provoking summer outfit you have seen? (Bonus points if you yourself were wearing it!)
The worst EVER, men in Speedos. There is no excuse for it.

15.) Your absolute dream summer afternoon would be
Pool+Blue Sky+ Frozen/Slushie Drinks

16.) If you could go anywhere on summer vacation where would you go?
I had a fun time in NYC last year. San Diego 2 years ago was good too.

Missed last week

This week’s questions come from BackTalkk Quotes. They didn’t say where they got it, but it was probably stolen as well.

IF I WON 100 MILLION DOLLARS…. What kind of car would you buy?
I already own it. Guess I’d get another one.

Where in the country would you move to?

Somewhere in the south were there is maybe one snowstorm a year and no ignorant idiots.

What kind of house would you buy?
One with a pool and plenty of room for the others including the non-canines.

Would you give your family any money?
Define “family”

What charity would you donate to?
Certain females in congress….

Would you give your friends any money?

Where would you go on vacation?
Drive around America.

What luxury item would you buy first?
ha ha ha..more of what I have certainly not been buying up to now…

Would it change your life?

Would you save any of it?
I actually enjoy looking at it once I’ve had a minor splurge or two.

Would it change your current relationship?
Freeloaders will always be freeloaders.

Would you quit your job?

Which one?

Would you ever work again?

I can’t imagine this family would ever be able to do anything, such as laundry, on their own so, yes, I would still be working.
What one task would you never do again?
Trim the bushes

What dream of yours would you be able to do?
bigger year with an 8 foot fence so I could save all of the dogs on facebook

Would you change the way you dress?
no, I like leggings and capris

Would you change anything about your body?
I’d find the fountain of youth

Would you miss anything about not being rich?
How do you know I am not already?

Who would be the first person you tell?
Dogs and I’d end it there

Crap, this took a long time to do.



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  1. says

    Flowering weeds… LOL… I like that…. i walked by this building the other day that had some flowering “stuff” and it actually STANK! STANK STANK STANK like … bad! LOL

  2. says

    I loved all your answers, especially saving all the dogs on facebook!

    I was around for the time of real Sparklers, the kind that burnt little kids every year ’til they were banned. Boy, were they magically beautiful though…