Douglas and Catherine splitsville?

Yikes, I just read that Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones have separated.
Wonder if it has anything to do with his throat cancer revelations that nobody really asked to hear about.

Taken from [[MORE]]: part one

  • Have you ever said you would never love again?

  • Ice cream once.

  • Have you heard a song today that reminds you of somebody?

  • You’re so vain…
    so many people fit that one.

  • Do you apologize first?

  • Like I’m ever wrong. duh

  • Has someone made a promise to you and broke it?

  • I’ve been with the same person for 30 something years…you figure it out.

  • Have you ever won a lot of money in a slot machine? How much?

  • Hit 777 once and bailed for good with my $20 worth of quarters.

  • Do you watch sport on TV even though you aren’t a sporty person yourself?

  • Football. I use to watch baseball when it was more easily accessible to do so.

  • Do you eat / drink at your computer?

  • There are peanut skins everywhere…

  • How much do you overeat at special occasions? (Birthdays, Christmas, etc)

  • I don’t

  • Do you require glasses / contacts to see properly? If so, which do you use?

  • Yes, I’ve used both

  • When you hear your voice back on a recording, do you think it sounds awful?

  • absolutely.

  • When was the last time you got the hiccups?

  • cannot remember

  • If you had to, which record would you go into Guinness World Records for?

  • handbags indeed.

  • The last sweet thing you ate: What was it?

  • a red delicious apple.

  • Do you have a middle name?

  • yes

  • Do you find it embarrassing?

  • no since everyone born within a 2 year radius of me shares or knows someone with the same middle name.



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    Have you tried When I’m at work, I listen to the Cubs on my computer. (Shhh! Don’t tell!) I love Pat Hughes’ voice so much, I almost prefer it to watching. Though I still miss Ron Santo sooooo much!