High Schoolers Volunteering

NaBloPoMo September 2013

Some high schools require community service for graduation. Do you think there should be a national community service requirement for all students?

There have been a lot of changes in the high schools since I was a student.

Many of these changes are the result of testing requirements or lack of funds.
When I was a student, the emphasis was on preparing kids for the world after high school. We had home economics, cooking, sewing, wood shop, and dear I show my age.., typing class.
Cut backs have close to eliminated classes like these.

What would the introduction of a national community service requirement for all students bring into the mix of high school?
Would it teach kids something about life after high school?
Would it teach the outside world that these kids do care about things and can be helpful?
Is it an excuse to use ‘child labor’ instead of paid labor?
Who would pay for this? Who would implement this? Who would monitor this? What if a student doesn’t volunteer?

Perhaps the word ‘requirement’ is what is holding this idea back.
Around here kids are already require to take the constitution class, health, PE, among other classes. What school class would have to be eliminated to implement this (the school day is only so long).

When my kids were in high school, they had not a whole lot of free time between homework, band, and jobs. They would have had a hard time finding time to volunteer.

Students volunteering, in theory, is a wonderful idea.
Kids can learn something that they may not have learned, thanks to cut backs.
Someone or something gets free help.
The reality of the implementation of this, can be the road block in the way of good intent.



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